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InShot is indeed one of the best video editing apps for mobile that has everything you need in one place. It is an amazing video editing app for mobile users. This application has a lot of amazing features which is easy to use. Besides trimming the videos, you can even remove the middle part, split videos, merge clips, and adjust the speed of the video, and a lot more. You can even add stickers and text to videos.

It has now become one of the most popular mobile photo and video editing tools that allows you to create videos instantly. You can even add your own music, sound effects, and voice-over. It is in fact one of the best video editing applications available on the Play store. It is easy to use and the interface is easy enough for beginners or anyone to edit videos or images.

Most of the features offered are absolutely free but it leaves a watermark in all the videos and for removing the watermark you need to upgrade (or purchase) to the InShot premium version.

Therefore, In this blog, I will be discussing how to download the InShot pro mod apk for free and use it efficiently without having the trouble of removing the watermark.

What is Inshot app and InShot pro mod apk

InShot pro mod apk is a photo and video editing mobile application that allows you to edit videos. It is mostly used for editing short videos.

The InShot is a Chinese app and was developed by QuVideo in 2011. Since then it has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide and has a pretty good review in the Play store.

I personally use the InShot app for my YouTube shorts and it is really very easy and convenient for me. I have seen and observed many friends (and people) using the InShot pro mod apk for Youtube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram reel, WhatsApp status and etc.

If you are seeking for best short video editing apk and want to take your video quality to the next level by unlocking your unlimited creativity then you should definitely try Inshot full pro mod apk (a free version or a crack version of the InShot premium for absolutely free of cost)

How to edit video on InShot?

The Interface and the editing panel of the InShot pro mod apk ( or application)are among the best and easy to use I have ever come across. If you are a beginner or using editing the video application for the first time then it will not be a challenging task for you.

To edit the video in InShot you can follow this step

Click the “Video”. After that click on the “New” option. It will take you to the Gallery and ask you to select the video that you want to edit. After selecting the video, click the ok button. After that main page of the InShot pro mod apk will open with the preview of the video that you have selected.

Below it, you will find a number of editing tools that you can use to edit the video. If you look further below the editing tools you will see the video track, which is our timeline. To the left, you will see a red plus button, which allows you to add more videos to it.

In the same row, there are plenty of editing tools. I am going to explain the features of those tools below.

Features of inshot pro mod apk are

inshot pro mod apk features for free ankitguraji

1. Canvas

If you click this button, you will be asked in what ratio do you want to edit the video. Basically, the canvas lets us select the ratio in which you want to edit the video. The “Canvas” option will give you more orientation options, including ones, especially for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other ratios like 3:4, 4:3, 2:3, 3:2, 2:1, and 1:2. Along with the ratio, you can even zoom in and add background to your video. The “Background” option includes features like Blur, Colors, Gradient, and Pattern.

2. Photos

The InShot app will also let you edit the photos. You can click the “Photo” button and select the desired photo from your device. After that, you can edit the photo using the different edit options that are available. The option that is available is viz Canvas, Filter, Adjust, Effect, ReTouch, Sticker, Text, Crop and Rotate. Most of the features, I guess, you have already known or used and have also been discussed above.

Those basic features are already in your device and you might have used them hundreds of times. The one that I found quite different is the “ReTouch” feature. If you click this button, you will be redirected to the next app named Peachy – Face & Body Editor. You need to download it to use it. This app is absolutely free to download. So, just download it and use it to its fullest, and keep on editing your photos.

Photo Collage

The photo collage is one of the most popular and most used features of the InShot pro mod apk. In this feature, you can add songs in the photo and creating a video. You can add unlimited photos to the clip and songs to create a video, all this with InShot pro mod apk.

Last but not least is the “Collage”. This section is very easy to use. This feature will let you choose 1 to 9 photos at a time to create a beautiful collage. Once you choose the desired photo, you can use the Layout and Border options to decorate it.

3. Sticker

inshot pro mod apk download free ankitguraji

This is the most interesting feature available. If you click “Stickers” you will find three options in it. They are Sticker, Text, and Mosaic.

If you click “Sticker” then you will see a list with a lot of GIF stickers to choose from and add to your video. You can resize the stickers and paste them wherever you want. You can even add logos if available on your device by clicking the second picture button.

You can even click the Shopping bag icon to visit the store and purchase some more stickers. You will even find that some of the sticker packs are absolutely free and you can download them to your device. You can use the stickers as per your need in the video.

The ‘Text” feature lets you add text and change the color or font of your video. Once you can type the text, you can even edit the text as per your liking. There you will notice few extra text options while editing a video. Additional options pop up once you edit text.

Along with the color and font option, there is a new three-dot effects icon. In this, you will get all sorts of text animation like, make the text fade, expand or retract the text, move it to left, right up, or down, and make the text bounce, tilt, bop around, rotate, spin, flip or pulse.

4. Filter

inshot pro mod apk ankitguraji

This category has several filters to choose from. By clicking it you will find a lot of free filters that you can use in your video. In it lies three options viz Effect, Filter and Adjust.

The “Effect” feature will give you nine effect categories. Each category has a number of effects to choose from like Basic, Glitch, Fade, Beasts, Retro, Retro2, Celebrate, Style, and Distort. First of all, you need to apply an effect on one section of the video. After that, you can use the slider to pull the effects to the left or right to automatically apply them to the additional section. Here are a few of the popular effects discussed,

By using the Glitch feature you can do things like make the image or video appear to have a glitch. You can add noise or give it an old-school snowy TV look.

The “Beats” feature is for adding motion and it’s not available for photos. You can make your video do things like flash and pulse.

The “Distort” feature does the things like flip or mirrors your content. It will give a fisheye, swirl or even wave effect. It can even make it look like a scan gone wrong.

The “Style” feature includes a few different mosaic and blur effects. It also lets you turn your content into one of the three types of sketches.

The last feature “Celebrate” will let you put a neon or flash overlay on your media or add things like bubbles, snow or fireworks.

The “Filter” menu has a lot of filters that you can apply. At the end of the row, is a wheel. If you click it, you will find a list of filters like BASIC1, CINEMA, FILM, SKIN, MOSS, BASIC2, SPOT, DUO, and NEON. You can apply any of these filters to your video to make it look more interesting.

The “Adjust” menu has different types of photo editing features like Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, Tint, Saturation, Curves, Fade, Highlights, Shadows, Color, Hue, Vignette, Sharpen, Grain, and Film Grain. There is a ‘Curve” option that lets you put White, Red, Green, or Blue tints in different areas of photos based on how you use the points along with each color in the graph.

5. Precut

The “Precut” menu will give you options to trim, cut or split your video.

6. Split

There is a separate “Split” menu option that will let you create a split in the video based on your choice.

7. Delete

There is also a ‘Delete” option that will let you remove the section of videos based on where you are in the slider.

8. Background

This feature will let you easily change the existing background of your video. The options available are Blur, Gallery, Color, Gradient, and Pattern. You can choose anyone from the list given and use it in your video.

9. Speed

This feature will let you control the speed of the video depending upon your choice. You can make your video run fast or slow it down, depending upon you.


10. Crop

In the “Crop” menu you can either crop your video manually. There are other options that you can use like ‘No frame” or choose from common orientations that help you to post videos on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

11. Volume

It lets you adjust the volume of the video. On the left side, you will see a double tick, “apply to all clips” option that lets you apply the same level of volume for different sections of the videos.

12. Duplicate

The “Duplicate” option will let you duplicate a video. It will let you create videos that can be used in multiple places.

13. Rotate

In the “Rotate” menu you can either rotate or flip the image or video. There are options to change the angle or zoom.

14. Flip

If you want to flip your video you can do it with the help of this feature.

15. Freeze

This feature will let you freeze the particular section of the video that you will select.

16. Save

You can save your video either in 780p or 1080p with a list of frame ratios to choose from.

17. Music

inshot pro mod apk features ankitguraji

Next to the Canvas lies the Music button. There are three options that let you add music or sound to your video. In it, you will find three options viz “Tracks”, “Effects” and “Record”

The “Tracks” option will let you further three options, Featured, iTunes, and Effects. Below it, you will find “Extract audio from the video”, “Imported”, “Favorite” and “For you” options. From the list of options choose the desired and add music to your video.

Next is “Effects”, which will let you add different types of effects available in the list below. You can even import effects from files or any other app. You can even add your favorite effects by clicking the “Favorite” button.

The third feature available here is “Record”. This feature will let you record your own voice as the voice-over to your videos.

There is also a shopping cart icon that lets you search for a track in iTunes and then use it in your video.

Is InShot free?

InShot is a not fully free application you can download the application from the play store but in order to access all the features of the Inshot, you have to pay for it. Moreover, there is InShot pro mod apk which is basically a crack version of the InShot that gives access to all the features free of cost.

This app has a whole lot of video and photo editing features in a single app. You can create anything from a basic video to professional ones, as soon as you have learned how to use the app efficiently. So here’s wishing you a happy downloading.

The app, InShot pro mod apk is a crack version of the InShot premium version and allows you to use the premium version for free.

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