Play PUBG mobile in 90 or 120 fps in Android 11| Step by Step Guide 2022

We all know that pubg mobile is one of the most popular gaming apps in the play store and playing pubg is fun. But it has some disadvantages like we cannot play pubg in the max resolution or the max graphic setting.


You might have also noticed that even your mobile supports 90 or 120fps and still you cannot play. 


The Important thing to note is that not all mobile processor supports pubg at 90 or 120 fps. To play pubg mobile in 90 or 120 fps on an android device your mobile phone must have a 90hz refresh rate and android 11.

In this article, we are going to see how we can enable or play pubg mobile in 90 or 120 fps on your android devices step-by-step guide 2022.

Step 1: The first step is to download pubg mobile on your android device

Step 2: Is to download X-plore File Manager from the play store.

Step 3: Now you have to download a patch file.

Step 4: After downloading the pubg, X-plore File Manager and the patch file. Clear all your app which are running in the background. Open the X-plore File Manager and copy the patch file. (Filename “pubg 90fps+ ultra HD “)

NOTE: follow the same step or else it might not work.
Now you have to be careful because once you paste the patch file into any other folder your TRICK might not work. In case, if you are not getting the same file as mine then, I recommend you to download PUBG through this link.

Step 5: Now you have to paste the patch file into the Paks Folder. (follow this simple step given below)

  • Copy the patch file then go to the Android folder
  • Click on the data folder
  • Scroll down and search for “Com.Tencent.ig” open that folder then click
  • Files folder – search for UE4 Gaming
  • ShadowTrackerExtra folder
  • Then again click on the ShadowTrackerExtra folder
  • Saved folder
  • Scroll down to the Paks Folder
  • Then click on the paste – you will get three options, click on the overwrite. 

After following these all steps open pubg and go to the graphic setting and see the magic of the trick.

And if you are getting any problem like this then follow this simple step:


After following this simple step you will be able to play pubg in the 90fps or 120fps on your mobile. 

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